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1-1-24 Irifune, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0042

2023 Application Form

2023年度新入生 入学申込みフォーム

    2023 Application Form

    Please also check if you would like to apply for school lunches cooked in our kitchen using only Oishix's organic ingredients.
    (You can bring your lunch and snacks)

    School Lunch/Snack fee per month
    ①Lunch & Snack Both  ②Only Lunch ③Only Snack 

    3days  ①¥10,200  ②¥8,200   ③¥4,000

    4days  ①¥13,600  ②¥10,900  ③¥5,300

    5days  ①¥17,000  ②¥13,700  ③¥6,600

    Lunch&Snack Both Only Lunch Only Snack 

    EEMS provides school bus service.
    Since our school bus amount will vary depending on the distance, we will calculate it and present it to each candidate by e-mail.
    You may have to wait, depending on the timing. (An application is not a guarantee)
    The pick-up/ drop-off location and time may change depending on the operation.



    ※Please submit this application form if you wish to enroll in April 2023. Don't hesitate to contact us individually regarding the admission date.
    ※Priority for those who participated in the briefing session in 2022 will be secured by January 20. And the application deadline is December 28.
    Please inquire about ESL or Saturday classes for elementary school students.

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